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9Wednesday, August 30, 2006

lolx,.. guess what? i'm not using my school pc to post this blog,... i'm accessable to the internet anywhere in school,.. if i need a laptop, i can just bring it to lanroom 3 to plug to a switch and sit there the whole day,.. if i want to be found,... i will just sit in the staff room and wait for teachers to call me~~ lolx,. k la,. now is 1230, time to go for lunch,...... so.. bye..

Haiz, So sad,. Jacqueline gone liao,... leaving me all alone, I don't get it why must they put 1 TA in 1 School.. i Think cannot cope lor,... some more with anderson primary teachers all so "Fucked up" like that,. i think i can die lor,... so now jacqueline is gone, who am i gonna talk to??? now i really feel like quitting this job,.. 1) get a far school 2) get a fucked up school 3) no friends to talk to.... woah seEEEhhhhh lor~!!!! i cannot cope lor~!!! i will try to get hanyong over to accompany me,.. so boring le la,.. alone over there... haiz,.. k la,.. c what happens tomorrow n i will post anything important again -_- ... c ya ..


9Sunday, August 27, 2006

Ok, so i've been to work, Anderson Primary School,

Sounds and look so nice from the outside, but in the inside, it is a devil's playground. You can see teachers scolding their students, and all those primary school days has been inserted in me again. So jacqueline is a nice gal, she brought me all over the school and taught me a number of things. Too bad she's leaving, she leaves me to suffer under the evil clutches of the school. But too bad, i am not the one to be bullied. I will make sure that they will all shut up. Heh, we'll see how. They can't "F" me what, this is no longger army. Heh, i prefer to be back in BCTC, i don't know whats so great about ORD? no Guns, No ammunitions? Whats so great being a civilian? being in the army is so much better, if not for my Pes Status, i will surely sign on... Haiz,.. boring la... now is sunday,.. ooo ya, i went to ROMM (REGISTRY OF MUSLIM MARRIAGES) On saturday and have selected my wedding date. It will be on the 3rd of september, which is like? 1 week from now? after the ROMM thinggy, my mum n grandma also with my gf's parents when to johor to look for all those wedding things which i find is a waste of money. -_-

Haiz,.. ok la, will blog again when i have the time..


9Thursday, August 24, 2006

Haiyaaa,.. i just came back from BCTC, had a long long chat with my old collogues, present was, Lao-Chek, DXO Gan, 2wo Roger, 2wo Nadan, 2LT Fairuz, Lcp Haja, Cpl Hong Lee, Pte Aysraff, Pte Chen, Pte Saravanan, 3SG eric Sim (NS), LCP Gumilang Hendra (NS), LCP Syed Bad (NS) <-> (THATS ME OF COURSE) .. hAIz, Very upset though, all my armskote guys were not there, all "Buih" ME, Bull and terry la of coz. HaiZ, i also tired maa,, came back from work -_- .. Well that might be the last time i will be going back to BCTC, we had a real long chat and they enjoyed jokes (DIRTY JOKES) and had beer drinking competitions (I WAS NOT INVOLVED THO) but i felt the fun, the laughter, it is going to be my last happy hour with the guys,. What to do,... like people say,.. "Old Soldiers gets forgotten". I have did my part in NS and it is now my time to leave the military world and carry on with my Civilian live. What now? Pumping students down on the floor? or shouting to teachers like my very own men? that is for you to predict.. I am still unsure of what will happen in my new job... catch out the new episode .. coming out soon......... check for my post... tomorrow!! :)

Arghh, i've been posted to Anderson Primary School as a T.A (Technology Assistant) with Hewlett Packard Singapore. Although i am honoured to work in such a prestigious school, the travelling distance is really painful to think off even! :( but what to do, LAN LAN suck thumb lor, for 1 year at least la i will try seat there. If the HOD/PRINCIPAL/RE over there is good to me, i will stay, if not , as usual, F.O is the only answer! lolx Arghh!! still a little unhappy, i should have got Innova, as i am nearest to it but i got Anderson instead!! now i can see racism! RACISM! haha, but not to worry, i willl quickly build my business managed by my wife and get out from here ASAP... Since Racism is spoted, i think i will not have any future in HP.


9Tuesday, August 15, 2006

I am now helping SGBLOGORG to achieve a Guiness World Record for Singapore but so sad that some Singaporeans is too business minded that they have lost their love for the country. I believe these people just dosen't deserve to live in singapore. If you are not interested, then just don't get involved. Instead they are accusing SGBLOGORG of being a scammer/spammer. What the hell -_- ! i know SGBLOGORG's Singlish is quite high but that does not deserve them to be critisized like that.. Dissapointing.. !! dun ever buy webhosting with them. they don't love singapore enought to love the singaporean customers!!


9Monday, August 14, 2006


It has been hard for me to accept the terms of using to be my blog site. I previously only wanted to use my own server for my blogs, but hell yeah, y not! heh..

Skin is nice, just fits me, and it is damn easy to mod the html. So simplified unlike PHP -_-
Okie, thats all for this post, chill outz, c ya-

-End Of Conversation-


9Saturday, August 12, 2006

heh, this is just a test --

Woohooo!! so damn easy to mod this thing!! -_- if only all the programables are as easy as this, i think everyone could be developers. ..

K k k k k k k k pEACe Out

-End Of Conversation-


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